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A space for Mothers to care for themselves and each other. Get real and get help. Get in here, mama.

Who we are

This is the Private Online Community for the Mothers of MotherNation. Through prompts from experts, conversation forums, and premium events, moms come together to learn from each other, support one another and grow together.

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What we do

The MotherNation Online Community is enriched through exclusive content designed to make you reflect on your Motherhood journey, expert interviews aimed at giving you tools to better navigate your version of Motherhood, and spaces created to connect with other Mothers.

Content will revolve around a monthly theme, which can address anything from guilt to burnout or body image to the emotional weight on Mothers today. The goal in everything we do at MotherNation is to give you the tools to invest in yourself and claim your version of Motherhood, always with the support of a nation of other moms that are going through it, too.

What we'll ask of you

We’ll ask you to show up for yourself and for your fellow mamas. Be present. Be kind. Do the work. We ask every Mother to sign onto our Declaration of Interdependence to ensure our community is a compassionate, liberating and productive one.

We want you to own your journey, and have a whole team of moms rooting for you.

Did we mention the perks?

  • Connect with moms of kids the same age or a shared Motherhood experience (multiples, single moms, or moms who work outside the home)
  • Ask any question in a safe space established with shared values, and upheld by our Declaration of Interdependence
  • Challenge yourself through daily reflection prompts
  • Learn from events with experts
  • Get exclusive discounts and Partner Perks
  • Influence future MotherNation content and events by sharing what matters most to you 

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